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Wahl Clipper Corporation led the industry worldwide in the manufacturing of consumer personal care appliances and products for the professional beauty and barber salon trade. 2001 Wahl Clipper introduces the remarkable Trim N Vac, which was the first beard and mustache trimmer that collected the trimmings using a patented vacuum system. Wahl Color Pro Trim Trimmer. Wahl Chrome Cut Clipper. 2.3 out of 5 stars with 9 ratings. Wahl Beard & Stubble Rechargeable Men's Beard.

If you take a moment to explore a list of the best hair clipper brands, it is almost certain you will find the Wahl Company near the top of the list.

The company has been creating hair trimming products for many years and they’ve remained consistently impressive throughout the duration.Read More Of Wahl Clippers Brand.

Today, the company manufactures products for professionals, home use, and even animal grooming. Since 1919, the Wahl Clipper Corporation has lead the way in clipper technology and has set the standard for other companies.

All in all, Wahl is without a doubt one of the best hair clipper manufacturers on the planet. The company has remained impressive throughout the years. Below, you will find reviews for some of Wahl’s best hair clippers.

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit for men

The 79602 Clipper from Wahl is spectacular. There is no doubt that Wahl is one of the leaders in the industry and the 79602 Elite Pro Hair Clipper will be sure to satisfy pretty much everyone.
The unit utilizes a very powerful and incredibly durable motor to ensure that this clipper will last a lifetime. Plus, this razor is manufactured in the United States.

You can guarantee that it is going to deliver a high-quality shave each and every time you use it.

Excellent Warranty

Wahl offers the best warranties. With the 79602 Hair Clipper, you’ll be protected for a lifetime. The product is protected by a lifetime warranty, while the blades are protected for 5-years.

This is very generous considering the fact that the price is low. With this razor, you can guarantee it will serve you exceptionally well for many years to come.

Excellent Cord

It should be known that this is not a rechargeable hair clipper. Nevertheless, it still offers plenty of freedom to the use. In total, the cord is 8-feet.

The industrial heavy-duty cord is very tough. If you want to be able to roam around, this razor will give you the freedom to do just that.

It doesn’t offer as much freedom as a cordless model, but you’ll never have to worry about the battery dying either.


  • Protected by a lifetime warranty
  • Blades are protected for five years
  • 8-feet of cord for additional freedom
  • Blades are self-sharpening
  • Motor delivers 15% more power than many others


  • Not cordless
  • May pull hairs

Overall Assessment Of Elite Pro Wahl Hair Clippers

At the end of the day, this razor is definitely a good bargain. It is low-cost and the warranties are great. For the price, this is a true steal.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip Review

If you have extra money to spend and want a professional hair clipper, you should definitely check out the Wahl Professional Magic Clip.

This corded and cordless hair clipper is incredibly versatile and is suitable for professional and non-professional use. It is ergonomically designed to provide the user with comfort from start to finish.

It offers plenty of freedom and delivers a great performance every time. Additional details about this hair clipper will be provided below.

Corded And Cordless

With the Magic Clip, you’ll really have the freedom to cut your hair anywhere in the world. Just charge the battery and remove the cord.

You can cut your hair outside or in the garage as long as the battery has been charged sufficiently. A full charge will provide you with roughly ninety minutes of run time. When you’re inside, you can switch back to the cord easily.


The Magic Clip comes with tons of accessories. This includes eight attachment combs, oil, a cleaning brush, red blade guard, and instructions.

The attachment combs are very beneficial for ensuring that you get the length that you’re after. With the oil and cleaning brush, you’ll be able to keep your new hair clipper in excellent condition for many years to come.

High Precision Blades

This hair clipper is equipped with zero-overland blades. The blades will remain sharp for a long time to come and they offer excellent speed and extreme ease of use.

Combine that with the powerful motor and this clipper will provide you with a precision, gentle cut every time.


  • Corded and cordless for maximum freedom
  • Weighs just 10 ounces
  • High precision blades
  • Comes with plenty of accessories and attachment combs
  • Full charge provides 90 minutes of use
  • Charges very quickly


  • Decorative cover may fall off
  • Housing appears a little cheap

Overall Assessment

The Magic Clip is definitely a good hair clipper, despite the minor cons. It is powerful, easy to use and versatile.

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Clipper Kit Review

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with an underperforming hair clipper. With the Wahl Color Pro Clipper Kit on-hand, you will never have to worry about this issue.

This clipper is integrated with premium components and features to ensure a clean cut every time. The kit includes a high-quality clipper, a variety of guide combs, two hair clips, a pocket comb, cape, eyebrow trim guide and flat top comb.

The ideal is to have everything at your disposal, so you can get the job done correctly and in a timely manner.

Ergonomic Handle

Do you ever experience fatigue or discomfort, when you trim your hair with your existing clipper? Well, that will never be an issue with the Wahl Color Pro Clipper, as it is equipped with an ergonomically designed handle.

The handle will not only provide comfort during your cuttings, but also full control. In addition to the ergonomic design, the handle has a thumb rest, which will give you even more control with each cut.

Colored Guide Combs

The Wahl Color Pro Kit comes with a variety of different sized combs. While these are typically included in such kits, these combs are unique, as they are of different colors.

Each color represents a different size, which in turn will help you choose the right guide comb with ease. In addition to this, each comb is labeled to make the task even easier.

Once you become familiar with the colors and sizes, you will have no issue finding the right guide comb for your needs and preferences.


  • Cape and eyebrow trim guide included
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Guide combs are uniquely colored to help users identify sizes
  • Color code located on the from panel of the clipper
  • Thumb rest ensures full control and handling


  • Operates slightly loud
  • Case could use improvement

Overall Assessment

The Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper is ideal for consumers on a budget. The clipper works as the manufacturer promises, delivering clean cuts with every action.

The guide combs are great, because they help you find the right size in seconds. Plus, they are very durable and easy to attach and remove from the clipper head.

Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Hair Clipper And Trimmer Review

Professional grooming continues to increase in price each year. This is why many households are investing in grooming tools, so they can perform the task in the comfort of their own.

However, with so many options available on the market, consumers have difficulty finding high-quality tools. If you are familiar with the Wahl brand, you know that it is recognized for its ability to provide consumers with some of the highest quality grooming tools.

And, its Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Hair Clipper and Trimmer set is no different.

Manufactured In U.S.A.

Most consumers believe that products produced in American facilities are superior to those made elsewhere. While this is subjective, most American consumers prefer product made in the country.

The Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper And Trimmer is manufactured in a facility in the United States. This means that it has passed rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety.

When you invest in this clipper, you will have peace of mind in knowing that it is a high-quality product that will not cause harm.

Ergonomic Design

Some people can spend hours cutting and trimming their family members’ hair, moustache and sideburns. When utilizing a poorly designed clipper, discomfort is inevitable.

To eliminate these risks, Wahl designed its Lithium Ion Clipper with an ergonomic handle. In addition to these, the buttons and blade extender are located in an area, where you can reach them while you are cutting hair.

Battery Life

This clipper is cordless. This is great, if you want to avoid the hassle of the cord. At the same time, it provides a two hour run time.

Wahl Professional Trimmer

This is great and much longer than what many of the alternatives offer. The battery is capable of holding a charge for up to one year.

The clipper also offers a quick charge feature. When you’re in a hurry, you can get it up and running very quickly.


  • 2 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Delivers 50% more power
  • Quick charge feature
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use
  • Can hold a charge for up to one year
  • Charges fully in 3 to 5 hours
  • Comes with a matching detail trimmer


  • Longevity is questionable
  • A little loud

Overall Assessment

The Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper and Trimmer work as the manufacturer guarantees. Both tools will hold a charge for up to 365 days, if it is not utilized.

The charge time is quick, so you do not need to delay the cutting process for too long. Each guide comb is labeled to help users find the right size in seconds.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper Review

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper is a professional hair clipper for those on a budget. It is capable of cutting surgically close for those that want to less hair.

The product comes with plenty of accessories and an eight-foot cord. It is surprisingly easy to use and will rest comfortably in your hand from start to finish.

More importantly, it will provide your clients with a gentle cut every time. More about this clipper can be found below.

Motor And Cord

To ensure that your clients don’t get their hair tugged on, it is pertinent to choose a clipper with a powerful motor. This one is equipped with a V5000+ electromagnetic motor.

It operates at 120 volts. The motor is powerful enough to cut through the hair with precision and lightning fast speeds. The clipper features a professional grade, eight-foot cord.

The cord is very tough and provides the user with plenty of freedom. Even when it is plugged in, you’ll be able to move around quite a bit.


The 5-Star Balding Clipper doesn’t come with as many accessories. Of course, this is to be expected since it is a balding clipper. Still, it comes with enough for more.

The package includes the clipper, two attachment combs, cleaning brush, oil, red blade guard, and instructions. This combination will get you started and help you avoid needing to buy more items so soon into the future.

Not Too Loud

Some clippers are simply too loud. The good news is that this balding clipper is not. It operates at a normal noise level that you would expect with pretty much any hair clipper. It won’t bother you or your clients during the cut.


  • Not too loud
  • V5000+ electromagnetic motor
  • Equipped with an 8 foot cord
  • Cuts surgically close
  • Comes with plenty of accessories


  • No carrying case
  • Could use more attachments

Overall Assessment


The Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper is great, but not perfect. Even with the cons, it is still a good investment. If you want to be bald, this clipper will definitely do the job!

Wahl Home Barber Kit #79524-3001 Review

Every home needs a Wahl Home Barber Kit, especially if it is filled with growing children.

This kit includes everything a parent needs to perfect their child’s hair, plus it is great for trimming beards and back of the neck.

With 30 different pieces, there will be no excuses to spend $20 at the barbershop weekly.

With this kit, you will never have to spend a dime, just to perfect your hair, beard, and mustache.

The trimmer is equipped with high-carbon steel blades to ensure longevity sharpness.


  • Includes a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on clipper
  • Includes a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty of trimmer
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • 10 Different sized guards included in package
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Handy tote for a need and tidy storage


  • Suitable for home use only

Overall Assessment

Overall, the Wahl Home Barber Kit is a great beginner’s startup. It is ready for use right out of the box, plus it includes everything you need to perfect your kids’ style.

The extension manufacturer’s warranty will also make the price tag friendlier, while giving the consumer piece of mind.

Wahl Professional Series Detailer Review

The Wahl Professional Series Detailer comes with an adjustable T-blade and is designed for precise cuts.

The 5-star detailer is designed for professional use and will deliver an impressive performance for many years to come.

The hair clipper is very quiet and incredibly lightweight. This makes it comfortable for the user, as well as your client or family member.

The 8-foot chemical resistant cord is suitable for almost all situations. The package includes 3 cutting guides, which will help you get the exact length that is preferred.


  • A sufficiently lengthy power cord
  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Very durable and built to last
  • Cord is professional grade and resistant to chemicals
  • Includes 3 trimming guides
  • Silent operation


  • Guides are a little fragile

Overall Assessment

All in all, the Wahl Professional Series Detailer will prove to be a good investment for those that want to perfect the appearance of their moustache, beard, sideburns, and more.

The product is fairly priced and includes enough trimming guides for the average individual. If you need a precise, close cut, this detailer will definitely be a good purchase.

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper #8470-500

Wouldn’t you like a razor that will last a lifetime? If you answered yes to this question, you really need to check out the Super Taper II from Wahl.

This hair clipper truly offers the best of all worlds. It is power, affordable and more than capable of getting the job done right on the first try.

This razor is manufactured in the United States and it comes with a wealth of accessories. Additional details will be provided below.

5000V Motor

One of the best things about the 8470 hair clipper is the motor. This unit utilizes a 5000-volt motor. Not only is the motor incredibly durable, but it is also superbly powerful.

If you want to get your hair cut as quickly as possible, this is the clipper that you want. It is capable of cutting without tugging at the hair. This ensures that you’ll remain comfortable and pain-free from start to finish.

Tons Of Accessories

With some hair clippers, you’ll be required to purchase accessories at some point in the future. With the 8470, this is not the case. This unique comes with everything you could ever need, including oil, cleaning brush and instructions. It also includes eight attachment combs and a red blade guard.


  • 5000v motor is powerful and durable
  • Comes with all the accessories you will ever need
  • Doesn’t tug on the hair
  • Includes eight attachment combs
  • Great for all hair types
  • Very light and comfortable to use


  • Runs a little loud
  • A little pricey

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the 8470 Clipper is definitely pricier than the alternatives. Nevertheless, it is well worth it. This unit is powerful, durable and versatile. It will be sure to satisfy pretty much everyone.

Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500

If you find yourself routinely trimming your children’s hair, you will definitely need to invest in a high-quality electric clipper.

Well, that is exactly what the Wahl Professional Senior is, but it is much more than just the average clipper.


The 8500 model is equipped with an adjustable electromagnetic clipper blade, so you never need to worry about switching out the blades.

To make your trimming tasks easier, the WahlSenior clipper comes with three detachable combs of different sizes.

The housing is constructed out of metal to ensure durability and longevity.

The onboard V9000 motor will provide constant power and will not overheat, even when put under an extreme amount of duress.

Notable Specifications

  • All metal housing
  • Onboard V9000 motor is very powerful
  • Includes 3 different sized detachable combs
  • Great for trimming, cutting, tapering, blending, and fading
  • Suitable for professional and nonprofessional uses
  • Extremely affordable
  • Compact design (6.5” L)
  • Weight – 1 pound 3 ounces

Overall Assessment

The Wahl Professional Senior Clipper is very affordable, reliable, and versatile. If you are responsible for maintaining your children’s hair, you should definitely invest in this model. Over time you will save money, since there will be no need to visit the barbershop.

Wahl Professional All Star Clipper/Trimmer Combo

Some consumers will want to equip themselves with everything they need to get a clean, professional haircut. This often requires a clipper, as well as a trimmer.

Wahl accommodates this desire with the Professional All Star Combo. This package includes a clipper and a trimmer. Both components are equally impressive.


The combo fits within Wahl’s Professional commercial grade of products, so you can guarantee they’ll deliver a great performance.

Both utilize a power cord, which is at least 7-foot long. This makes them idealistic for all purposes.


  • Comes with all accessories needed to use the clipper
  • At least 7 foot of power cable
  • Both weigh a pound or less
  • Combination has no limitations
  • Can be used for fading, edging and almost any other purpose
  • Ergonomic design makes them comfortable to use
  • Can withstand a few good drops


  • Cord might be an inconvenience for some
  • Some consumers will prefer more guide combs

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the Wahl Professional All Star Combo is more than capable of satisfying almost anyone. It can be used in the home, but could easily accommodate the needs of a professional.

The clipper and trimmer are both incredibly durable and will not let you down. The price makes the combination a wise purchase.

What makes their products so amazing and such a good value? You’ll find out below.


Wahl Clipper Corporation focuses on producing the highest quality professional and home grooming products on the market.

The company opened its doors in 1919, at which time it produced the first electric hair clipper. Today, Wahl clippers can be found in millions of homes and businesses around the world and many consumers would never consider purchasing another brand.

It employs more than 3,000 employees spread out throughout the world. Leo J. Wahl came up with the idea to provide consumers with superior customer service and products that would offer a long service long.

The company strives to continue this tradition and that it does.

Wahl products are sold in about 165 countries, with 6 global manufacturing facility and 11 sales offices. The company also works diligently to research new and innovative technology to improve the operation of the electric clipper.

Consumers could never be happier than when they receive a new Wahl product. The vibrating massager is also another electric device, designed by Leo Wahl.

When uncle J. Frank Wahl joined the military to fight in the Mexican Revolution, Leo took control of the company, which was prior to the invention of the electric razor.

Extensive Manufacturer’s Warranty

Wahl believes in their products, which is why their offer an extensive manufacturer’s warranty with each product. It is not unusual to see a 5-year limited warranty on Wahl clippers and massagers.

This warranty is much better than offered by competitor companies. All products are sold free from all defects and conform to specific specifications and restrictions.

The warranty is something that Wahl takes seriously and the customer support team will gladly assist all consumers that have complaints.

The seller is responsible for reworking and replacing the damaged components. If the components are beyond repair, the seller must provide the consumer with a free replacement.

The seller must also pay for the labor and shipping costs, since the merchandise is defective. Consumers will also be alerted when a recall campaign is initiated.

If you are interested in learning about new recall campaigns, just visit the official Wahl website.

Final Inspection

As soon as a Wahl product rolls off the assembly line, a skilled inspector will immediately test it.

Each product is tested and examined for damage, imperfections, and poor operation.

Products that do not pass inspection are utilized for other purposes, relating to the manufacturing process.

Consumers are ensured of a fully working product, without blemishes or imperfection upon delivery.

If you receive a product that is not working properly, you should immediately contact the customer service department and file a complaint

An Amazing Price Scale

Wahl wholeheartedly understands that not everyone will be willing to spend excessively for a trimmer. This is why the company goes above and beyond to accommodate consumers with all different sized budgets.

And, they have managed to accomplish this goal easily. When examining Wahl’s enormous portfolio of hair clippers, you will find products from all different price ranges.

Suffice to say, Wahl offers enough options to ensure they’re able to satisfy the needs of all consumers.

Wahl Professional Beard Trimmer

Wahl professional trimmer canada

Cord And Cordless

Today, consumers prefer convenience above anything else. Wahl sympathizes with this mindset and has put in their due diligence to ensure their products deliver maximum convenience and ease of use.

When scouring through the company’s offerings, you will find corded and cordless models. The company’s cordless trimmers are very impressive and only utilize the most reliable battery technology.

Many of the company’s cordless trimmer deliver 40 or more minutes of battery life. This is very impressive and ensures the user will be able to get the job done, before the battery is completely drained.

An Excellent Value

Wahl strongly believes in providing the consumer with the best overall value humanely possible. They have transformed this dream into a reality by following several protocols.

First and foremost, they put in a substantial amount of effort to ensure their trimmers are enormously reliable, very durable, and more than capable of withstanding the test of time.

When you wrap your hands around a Wahl trimmer, you will be able to tell immediately that it is very durable and won’t break with a small drop.

At the same time, the company provides an abundance of accessories with the mass majority of their clippers. They generally provide the consumer with everything they need to use the razor for many years to come.

They come with many guide combs, oil, maintenance tools, and even scissors. Besides a bottle of blade oil in the future, the consumer will not have to worry about purchasing anything else.

Self-Sharpening Blades

Many consumers will utilize their hair trimmer for a long duration. Sometime in the future, your clipper’s blades will begin to wear down and become dull. When this happens, the consumer has a choice to make.

They can invest in new blades or replace the clipper all together. Wahl tries to prolong the lifespan of their blades with the innovative self-sharpening technology.

Many of Wahl’s hair clippers are equipped with self-sharpening blades. This helps to ensure the blades remain sharp for a longer period of time, while prolonging the service time of the clipper itself. This also decreases the amount of maintenance requirements.


When it comes down to it, there is a lot to like about Wahl and their hair clippers. The company has consistently proven itself to be one of the best in the industry. And, the mass majority of their clippers will prove to be an excellent investment.

  • Wahl clippers are usually protected by good warranties
  • Many feature self-sharpening blades
  • Corded and cordless units are available
  • Most Wahl Clipper come with numerous accessories for a better value
  • A wide range of prices
  • Powerful motors, yet the Wahl Clipper operate almost silently
  • Durably built to last for many years


Unfortunately, some of Wahl’s clippers are not perfect. A few could use a tweak of two to improve their functionality.

  • Some tend to be a little heavy
  • A few models are very loud

Summary Of The Wahl Hair Clippers Brand

Wahl Professional Trimmer Combi Pack

Wahl products are designed to perfection, so consumers are ensured a quality clipper, massager, trimmer, or dog cutter.

Each product is put through a rigorous inspection, before it is placed on the market. When you receive your new Wahl merchandise, you will be able to tear open the shipping box and put it to use. It is important to note that each Wahl Hair Clipper model should be oiled before each use.

This will ensure a long service life and give you peace of mind, in knowing that you are going to get your money’s worth from thle Wahl Clipper brand.