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Slack airtable integration

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  1. A workflow to pull all messages from a slack channel from a specific date and add them to an airtable base.
  2. Retrieve the last N messages from a Slack channel; Retrieve the content of the Airtable table; Save all Slack messages not already listed in Airtable; View the Github Project. View all of the files, fork the project and deploy to Heroku in a few clicks.

Airtable Slack Notifications

With the new Zapier Slack Action, you can instantly send important ideas, tasks, files, and more to Airtable without leaving Slack.

If you need to connect to services you know and love, Zapier's your best friend, and now you can use Zapier to connect Slack and Airtable more closely than ever before. With Zapier's new Slack Action, you can push any Slack message to Airtable in just a few clicks without ever leaving Slack—ensuring that your ideas, action items, and tasks don't get lost in the shuffle.

After setting up the Zap using Zapier's New Pushed Message trigger, all you need to do is click the ... (ellipsis) button that appears beside any Slack message, then select the 'Push to Zapier' option. The message contents—along with other helpful information like the channel name, username, and any optional text you might want to add—is sent over to Airtable to create a new record.

Airtable has 32 native integrations through their API but supports over 1,000 more through Zapier and other integration SaaS solutions. Use Cases for Airtable. Companies that need data organization features in addition to project management. Users that prefer to work with spreadsheets. Sep 09, 2020 Build a Slack Reminder Todo App. This app allows you to create, list, and clear reminders from your Slack workspace using a slash command. It will also send a list of incomplete reminders every morning at 9am PST! Airtable Base Setup. It uses Airtable both to store the reminders and as a secondary way to manage and view them.

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Slack To Airtable

This opens a lot of great ways to expedite different types of workflows, from idea generation to task management. Keep reading for some ideas you can use right now that will hopefully help to inspire a few of your own, too.

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Great ideas come up in conversation but often get lost in memory. While Slack does a great job of keeping track of everything you say in chat so you can look it up later, you have to actually remember what you're looking for in order to find it. So when a great idea comes up—whether you're brainstorming potential projects, next week's tweets, or new guests for your podcast—you can avoid losing it by telling Zapier to log it as an Airtable record.

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If you get a great pitch during a Slack brainstorming session, you don't have to stop the flow to save it for later. Just push the message to Zapier, add any notes that may come in handy, and you'll have a new article idea already in the editorial queue.

Slack is a great way to share inspirational content with the rest of your team. If your team is constantly dropping interesting and discussion-worthy links, news, videos, and files in Slack, you can save the best of the best in an Airtable base with just a few clicks.

If you're already using Zapier to automatically put relevant social media posts into Slack—for example, if you've got a Slack channel set up to share new Twitter mentions of your brand, or if you get Slack notifications for new Instagram photos and videos using a certain hashtag—you can easily save your favorite social posts for later with a Zapier Slack action.

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Many companies use Slack to communicate with customers directly and to create a community. When customers give you product feedback in your Slack community, you can log it in your customer feedback base without leaving the conversation or performing any tedious copying and pasting.

When a teammate surfaces a bug or an issue in Slack, you can save yourself a lot of work by implementing a Zapier Slack Action that lets you log product issues straight to your Airtable bug tracker. Add your own notes with the additional text box Zapier provides.

These are just a handful of ideas to inspire you to make great use of this new Zapier integration and save yourself a lot of time, but you're not limited to these suggestions. If you have a particular workflow in mind, give it a try! Anything you can say in Slack, you can add to Airtable with Zapier.

And since Zapier connects to over a thousand apps, you can use the Zapier Slack Action to save Slack messages to Evernote, or to create personal tasks in Todoist. You can even chain together many different apps with Zapier's Multi-Step Zaps!

Ready to get started? We've got a tutorial to help you. It only takes a few minutes to set up a Zap, so you'll be working more efficiently before you know it.

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  • At Medium, we were able to transition our product planning to Airtable in 1 day. We use it for all major projects and were able to create the exact workflow and visibility we needed across the team.

    Chris Fry

    Head of Engineering, Medium

  • Airtable is our main project management system. We’ve been using it for about a year and a half, and it’s grown more robust over time. I’m managing production with about 10 different editors and writers, and they are working on such tight timelines they need to focus on writing and editing, not managing schedules.

  • I love how organized this makes me. I have this one source of truth for all the stuff I need to keep track of without having to duplicate it in multiple places.

  • Airtable helps keep me sane while juggling multiple projects, tracking customer conversations, and gathering feedback from stakeholders.

    Anthony Maggio

    Director of Enterprise Product, InVision

  • It’s allowed us to get a much more specific snapshot of our teams, enabling us to staff people to the right projects and giving them great opportunities to grow.

  • I am addicted to Airtable. We had a programming intern who introduced it to our team and I have just latched onto it like it is some sort of elixir.

  • Airtable has changed the game for us from an organizational standpoint. We use Airtable for everything. We have a base for production and development that allows us to track projects and vendors and budgets. We have a base for a large editorial driven website we oversee,, and we have a base for social advertising and creative development.

    Rachel Cone-Goreham

    Executive Director for Digital & Social Marketing, Penguin Randomhouse

  • What I love about Airtable is I can track all of our various relationships for access and locations into one spreadsheet divided into tabs. And within each project, I can monitor all the calls and contacts we’ve had with that organization.

    Rachel Profiloski

    Director of Development, Lucky 8 TV