Sequence Diagram For Online Shopping Cart

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Login : Version 1:

ShoppingSequence diagram online

Sequence Diagram - Shopping Cart. Create Sequence Diagram examples like this template called Sequence Diagram - Shopping Cart that you can easily edit and customize in minutes. An example of communication diagram for online bookshop Online Shopping Activity Diagram An example of activity diagram for online shopping.Online customer can browse or search items, view specific item, add it to shopping cart, view and update shopping cart, checkout. User can view shopping cart at any time. Checkout is assumed to include user registration and login.

The above sequence diagram for Login operation shows how user logs into the system by interacting with various classes and the GUI.


The corrections in above diagram : The Customer(Actor) will have to be renamed to 'Person' to differentiate from Customer Class. A new customer will enter his/her username

on login.aspx webpage.

Login : Version 2:

In the above sequence diagram the new customer will enter his/her userid & password and then click on login button on the login.aspx Webpage.

The SessionManager gets the userid and user details from Customer class instance and verifies the userid and password. If user details are invalid

Sequence Diagram For Online Shopping Carts

customer will not be allowed to login and an appropriate error message will be displayed, otherwise the customer is logged in.

Sequence Diagram For Online Shopping Cart

Buying - (Add to Cart and Place Order): Version 1

Buying - (Add to Cart and Place Order): Version 2

- In the above sequence diagram, the Product Class has ro be added from which the details of the selected product will be displayed for the customer to view.

- During the process of placing an order if the customer is logged in, the system will prompt a login request message to customer.

Sequence Diagram For Online Shopping Cart

- Also, in above diagram, parameters for each diagram has to be specified.

Buying - (Add to Cart and Place Order): Version 3

The above sequence diagram shows a successful transaction of adding a product into the shopping cart and place an order.

- When a customer performs a selection operation on some kind of product on Product.aspx Webpage, the getProductDetails() method will be called which

will retrive the product details. When customer clicks 'Add to Cart' a new cartItem object is created and added to the cart.

The method calcPrice is called to calculate the total amount after all the products are added to the shopping cart.

- Before performing checkout, a customer can update his shipping information. If the customer is not logged-in during this process, the system will send

loging request to the customer. When a customer checks out a product, the prices of all products selected are calculated, including the shipping charges.

Then an order is placed order confirmation message is sent to the customer.

Search: Version 1

This sequence diagram shows the flow of a search method. The user will enter a keyword or name of a product in the Search textbox on a Web form and then

press the search button. It calls a method called getProductDetails in the Product class. As the getProductDetails method is in Product class we need to

navigate through all the classes to get to the Product class. If the result set is not null, the available products will be displayed. Otherwise, if the

Sequence Diagram For Online Shopping Cart Free

result set is null, the system will prompt an appropriate message to the customer.

Search: Version 2

Search: Version 3

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