Sequence Diagram Authentication

admin 1/26/2022
Sequence Diagram Authentication

Just navigate to the UML Sequence shape library, and click “Use Markup.”. A text pad will open, where you can type out the order of your sequence and its rules. When you’re ready, click “Build” and click back out into the editor to see your new automatically generated sequence diagram.

  • Quick start with sequence diagrams and the various features. Using Visio 2010 and free UML 2.2 stencils. This object-oriented programming tutorial demonstr.
  • Since our class diagram is actually the diagram of our backend API, the user interface here is not a class. It can be our web interface, Android application or iOS application. It will send a request to our backend API and the classes there will take care of the rest. Here is the final login sequence diagram.


This plugin adds support for UML diagrams to be created from text, using PlantUML syntax. Textdiagrams will be converted to SVG and embedded directly in your page content. Having diagrams described in text makesthem easy to create and maintain, and enables them to be tracked with Git, ideal for managing diagrams forproject documentation.

Note that some diagram types require GraphViz to be installed on your local machine to work properly.




The following examples are taken directly from the official PlantUML docs

Sequence Diagram

Class Description

Activity Diagram

State Diagram

Timing Diagram


Basic Usage

Using this plugin adds support for the .uml and .puml file extension to be recognized by Orchid. Any file thatOrchid reads, such as blogs, static pages, or changelog versions, can use the .uml extension and be compiled as aPlantUML diagram.

Alternatively, you may wish to embed diagrams within the content of another page. You can do this inline with thecompileAs() template function.

You may also use the load() function to embed it from another file.

Compiling Multiple Diagrams At Once

By default, Orchid does not need the @[email protected] tags to compile diagram content; it will add them if they donot exist. However, if you include multiple diagrams in a single file, each with their own @[email protected] tags,they will each be compiled as diagrams separately and embedded as separate SVG diagrams.

Other Diagram Types

If you omit the start/end tags from your diagram source, Orchid will assume it is a 'UML' diagram and add@[email protected] for you. However, PlantUML supports a variety of diagram formats, using differing start/end tags.The following tags are supported by Orchid and PlantUML:

Sequence Diagram Facebook Authentication

  • @startuml/@enduml
  • @startsalt/@endsalt
  • @startmath/@endmath
  • @startlatex/@endlatex
  • @startgantt/@endgantt

Mermaid JS

Sequence Diagram For Azure Ad Authentication

In addition to prerendered diagrams with PlantUML, you can add Mermaid JS diagrams to be rendered directly in thebrowser. Add the mermaid meta-component to your theme to add the necessary scripts to your site. By default, Markdowncode snippets with the mermaid language are converted to Mermaid diagrams, but you can customize the selector.